Calvert County Needs Your Help!!!!

Special Olympics Maryland is asking us to submit our county's management team structure (Area/County Management Team).
The Area/County management team shall consist of the following positions:

  • Area/County Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Sports/Training Coordinator
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Competition Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Family Coordinator
  • Public Relation Coordinator
  • Out reach Coordinator
  • Administration Coordinator
  • Medical Coordinator
  • Special Olympics Athlete Representative


  • These positions must be filled at all times to maintain accreditation. Each program will be individually evaluated in the event that one of these positions does open so that all resources and possible solutions are exhausted before the accreditation is rescinded.
  • Each coordinator should develop a team of volunteers to help meet the demands of their specific responsibilities on the committee.
  • The Area/County Management team members who conduct the routine business of the Special Olympics program must meet at least 10 times annually. Meeting minutes should be forwarded to their District Liaison within 2 weeks of meeting date.
  • The Area/County Director is responsible for developing a Management Team to meet the demands of the Area/County program and to insure year round quality sports training and competitions.
Up until now, our management team & most of these jobs have been covered by a handful of people. Our county's program has grown considerably in the past few years. For us to meet the demands of our growing program we need your support.
We are asking that you look over the list of job titles. If you think you may be interested in helping with any of these responsibilities please let us know.

Any questions call
Anne Harmon (evenings) at 410.535.2857
or Robin Sanders (days) at 410.535.7387